OBIA Advisory Council (OAC) Educational Workshops

OAC - Jan 14 2017

OBIA Advisory Council (OAC)

The purpose of the OAC is to undertake collaborative initiatives, share best practices and information and to build capacity among brain injury associations throughout Ontario in order to enhance the quality of community based support to people living with the effects of ABI.

Key Duties of the council:

  • Develop and maintain Community Association affiliation standards, and manage the affiliation process.
  • Identify resources and/or services that would be useful to people living with the effects of ABI and plan their design, development and distribution.
  • Work with OBIA in efforts to effect positive change in legislation and public policy affecting people living with the effects of ABI.

Educational Workshops:

Every OBIA Advisory Council (OAC) meeting also has an Educational Workshop that is recorded and archived for OAC members to view at a later date. Below you will find links to archived video educational workshops.

You can also visit our Vimeo Video Page for all our archived videos.