Thomson Rogers’ 80th Anniversary celebration


This year Thomson, Rogers celebrates its 80th anniversary as a law firm in Toronto. Looking back through the years they fondly recall the many clients who have touched their hearts and inspired people with their courage and perseverance. Their admiration for them cannot be easily measured, but they want to try. To commemorate, Thomson, Rogers will donate $80,000 to some of the charitable organizations who have helped their personal injury clients and their families. OBIA has been selected as one of the five charities. 

We are looking to you to help Thomson Rogers in the distribution of $80,000 (see Rules and Regulations for more information). Watch the video and read the story about Anthony Aquan-Assee. Be inspired. Click the vote button. It’s that simple. You can vote once per 24-hour period, per email address, up until November 4th, 2016.

In addition, if you would like to personally make a direct donation to OBIA, click on the “Donate to Charitable Organization” button.


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