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Conference  |      June 29, 2022 from 7:30 am - 4:00 pm   |     Mississauga Convention Centre   |     Register Here

Health advocates—whether occupational therapists, social workers, case managers, physicians, nurses, speech language pathologists, rehabilitation service providers, or physiotherapists—serve various functions in the rehabilitation field. While these advocates frequently work together to provide the utmost consistent care and rehabilitation, they also maintain regular contact with legal professionals and insurers alike. As providing the most effective care may often require a multi-faceted team and approach, this event will help fill the gaps with education that will benefit every professional.

As the health care industry and insurance regime continues to innovate and change, we understand the value of expanding our awareness and skill set to ensure that our client’s needs continue to be met. By working together, health advocates, adjusters, and legal professionals can effectively augment client rehabilitation while at the same time using each other’s knowledge to explore new ideas that enhance understanding and facilitate access to resources and funding. 

We invite you to this unique learning experience where various professionals will provide practical tips and strategies on how to effectively advocate for your clients and rationalize their rehabilitation needs to ensure funding for treatment is provided. Learn only the most important information in our rapid 10-15-minute presentation format that is sure to keep you engaged.

In addition to the learning experience, this conference also offers an opportunity to promote your organization and connect with a variety of health care and rehabilitation professionals and advocates. There are various sponsorship packages available which will offer numerous marketing opportunities and enable you to network with colleagues and potential referral sources in order to advance awareness of your brand and services. 

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