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Prerequisite Required: Neurorehabilitation – Assisting Recovery & Function in Everyday Life Following Brain Injury (No Exceptions)

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Continuing Education Hours TBA, Pending Approval by VRA Canada – Certificates available upon request

During COVID-19, OBIA remains committed to provide training for individuals working with people with brain injuries. This certificate course will now be accessible through a live online virtual classroom and will be interactive.

About the Course: This Level Two course is designed to increase your understanding of the relationship between traumatic brain injury, substance misuse and mental health challenges, and to assist you in developing a greater appreciation of the factors which make brain injury rehabilitation more challenging when a co-morbid disorder is present.


  • To learn about the impact of COVID-19 on Mental Health, Addictions and Brain Injury
  • To extend your knowledge of brain function with respect to addictive behaviours and the brain’s response to trauma.
  • To expand your appreciation of the pre-injury and post-injury influences on addictive behaviour and mental health.
  • To expand your range of knowledge on how traumatic brain injury impacts substance abuse and mental health treatment and how substance misuse impacts recovery from injury.

Professors, Dr. Dawn Good and Dr. Carolyn Lemsky will be teaching the program by live video conference.



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