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In December of 2021, the Brain Injury Speaks Stakeholder Engagement Network of Ontario (with the Ontario Brain Injury Association) further explored the topic of Identity Change After ABI. Virtual focus groups with individuals who have sustained brain injuries were conducted. The purpose of these groups was to better understand experiences of identity change following brain injury and how it may impact different aspects of their lives.

The experience of identity change aligns with the concept, commonly referred to as “loss of self,” which researchers have quantitatively investigated. In addition to losses, such as work/profession and physical capabilities, individuals with a brain injury often experience a loss regarding their perception of control over their life post-injury. Studies have identified that the experience of identity change that frequently occurs after brain injury impacts a person’s feeling of independence, capability, control, and overall satisfaction with life. Given this, it is important to address identity change after brain injury to improve individuals’ rehabilitation and quality of life is evident.

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