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With YOUR support we can continue to bring help, hope and healing to those whose lives have been forever changed by ABI.

Special ways to give

  • One time donation
  • Monthly giving
  • In memory of someone special
  • In honour of a special event or person
  • Credit card
  • Mail/Fax (use our downloadable PDF form to complete and mail/fax)
  • Online using the link below

Donate Online Now

Donations can be mailed to:

Ontario Brain Injury Association

PO Box 2338
St. Catharines, Ontario
L2R 7R9 Canada

Contact Terry Bartol

Phone: (905) 641-8877
Toll Free: 1 855 642-8877
Fax: (905) 641-0323

Contact us if you would like to Donate

Planned Giving

The following information is not intended as specific financial planning or legal advice. If considering a planned gift we recommend seeking advice from your professional advisors: accountant, financial planner, insurance specialist or lawyer and family members to choose the best gift planning options for your individual circumstances.

For more information or if you have questions about this process, contact our office and speak to Terry Bartol.


Remembering the Ontario Brain Injury Association in your Will ensures you can continue to help enhancing the lives of those living with the effects of acquired brain injury. By leaving a gift in your Will, your personal legacy of caring and compassion carries on. In addition, your estate receives a tax receipt for the full value of the bequest- a significant tax benefit on a final tax return.

Life Insurance

With life insurance, you can give the gift of a charitable legacy – ensuring your support continues even after your death. Not only does it benefit the charity, but you also receive a sizable tax savings either during your lifetime or thereafter, depending on how you structure the arrangement.

Life Insurance – Charity Owned

The charity owns the policy. One way to set up a charitable donation through life insurance is to buy the policy on your life and assign the policy to the charity as owner and beneficiary. The premiums you pay for the policy each year qualify as a tax-deductible donation on your annual income tax return – giving you the advantage of immediate tax savings. If you already have a life insurance policy, you can transfer policy ownership and the beneficiary designation to the charity. Although you won’t get any tax relief on the premiums you’ve paid to date, if the policy has a cash surrender value, the charity can issue a tax receipt equal to this amount. You’ll also be able to claim the charitable donation credit each year for the premiums you pay after the policy ownership transfer takes place.

Life Insurance – Personally Owned

You own the policy If you prefer, you can own the life insurance policy on your own life and either (1) name the charity as beneficiary; or (2) make your estate the beneficiary and designate the proceeds as a bequest to the charity as part of your Will. With this structure, you aren’t entitled to a charitable donation tax credit for the premiums you pay, but upon your death the charity can issue a tax receipt for the proceeds it receives from the policy.

Publicly Traded Securities

Consider making a gift outside regular income sources by donating publicly traded securities, bonds or GICs. Changes made to the Federal Budget in 2006 allows individuals and corporations to donate securities such as stock or mutual funds- and receive a tax receipt – without having to include any portion of the resulting capital gain in their income.

Tribute Gifts

Gift in Memory

Remembering a loved one with a memorial gift to the Ontario Brain Injury Association is an enduring tribute. Many families, friends and caregivers affected by brain injury request that monies be donated to the Ontario Brain Injury Association rather than, for example, flowers at a funeral. This is a very special way to celebrate the life of a loved one and we thank family and friends who support us in this way.

By providing OBIA with the name and mailing address of the next-of-kin of the person you are remembering, we will mail a notification letter; the amount of your gift will be kept confidential.

In-Honour Giving

Are you looking for a unique way to honour a family member, friend or colleague? A gift to the Ontario Brain Injury Association can be a living tribute on a birthday, anniversary or other special occasion. We can make your holiday giving easy and memorable, whether the gift is for business contacts or friends and family.

By providing OBIA with the name and mailing address of person you are honouring, we will mail a notification letter; the amount of your gift will be kept confidential.

Third Party Fundraisers

There are so many ways you can support a cause you’re passionate about: giving money, volunteering your time, or donating gently used goods. But have you considered becoming a fundraiser for OBIA to raise money and spread the word?

Some ways to raise funds:

  • Special Occasions
  • Personal Challenges
  • Sporting Events
  • In Honour of a Loved One

You don’t need to be a professional and you don’t need to wait for an occasion. With CanadaHelps’ Fundraising Pages, it’s easy to turn every day into a unique fundraising opportunity.

If you do choose to host a third-party fundraiser for OBIA, we ask that you complete the third-party agreement and use the following guidelines when planning your event.

Third-Party Agreement

Fundraising Guidelines

Please contact Terry Bartol at the OBIA office if you have any questions. 905-641-8877 ext. 234 or by email:



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