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OBIA would like to  introduce Everyday Heroes Kids (EHK), a platform that was created to support the pediatric community across Canada.  EHK connects families to pediatric professionals and organizations in the areas of health, mental health and education with the goal to increase access to care and encourage earlier intervention for better outcomes in kids.
The Ontario Brain Injury Association (OBIA) is excited to share that we are working with EHK on a pilot project that will allow us to create our own data base of resources in Ontario to support families. 

How to set up your FREE professional profile

The first step in this project is to ask you to create a no cost “Professional template” profile on EHK that takes about 10-15 minutes and is user-friendly to do.  Simply click on “Join” in the menu, create an account and build a profile, then hit submit for review!  If you are a non-profit or pediatric Organization and want to create a no cost “Organizational template” profile, please contact Tammany at
Once you have completed a profile on EHK, it is a wonderful resource to help clients/patients find you and learn about your background through your full page profile. Your profile will also have a unique URL so you can use it in your marketing or email signature.
When creating your profile we ask that you chose all of the “Diagnosis/Concern” tags that are relevant to your work – specifically concussion and brain injury and enter the province of Ontario with your address. Please see information attached on how to create a profile. If you have any questions please reach out to the founder of EHK – Tammany Petrie.



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