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OBIA has been conducting research for more than 25 years. Many things have changed over the years, including the incidence and impact of concussion being brought to the forefront. For our research to remain relevant, we are transitioning from the Research Questionnaire to the Brain Injury Impact Study.


  • Raise awareness about the needs of those living with a brain injury
  • Advocate for services
  • Highlight the long-term outcomes of brain injury
  • Provide information to better inform health care policymakers, local health teams, insurers, and researchers who are looking at ways in which people living with a brain injury can be better served.


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Receive a FREE Membership to OBIA and a Participating Local Association of Your Choice.

Benefits Include:

Brain Injury Survivor ID Card

  • Brain injury symptoms can be easily misinterpreted and misunderstood.
  • The OBIA Survivor ID card indicates that one has a brain injury
  • Wallet size ID card, which can be presented to medical personnel, paramedics, fire fighters, and police, if needed
  • Can speak to your disability, if you are unable to
  • Contains emergency contact information

Digital Subscription to the OBIA Review Magazine

  • Learn about new and exciting initiatives to support people living with a brain injury
  • Discover new strategies to help you or your loved one in your journey
  • Read about fellow survivors’ and families’ triumphs and struggles
  • Learn about local associations and supports available in your area


  • 50% off registration cost for OBIA/Brock Training Programs
  • $125 value on the Brain Basics e-Learning

Participation in the Peer Support Program for people living with ABI

  • Connects you to others who may be going through similar life situations and challenges

Entitled to vote at the OBIA Annual General Meeting

Be kept up-to-date with brain injury news and activities

Development Funding Provided by:

With sincere thanks to the lead researcher,
Dr. Emily Nadler, University of Toronto.



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