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Online Training Program  |      Nov 29  -  Nov 30, 2023 from 9:00 am - 5:30 pm EST   |     Online via Zoom   |     Register Here

Online Certificate Training Program Description:

This course will focus on the nature and expression of the consequent neurobehavioural issues that can accompany an injury to the brain. Topics will examine the common neurobehavioural syndromes, and provide an overview of the neurological underpinnings, behavioural outcomes, and psycho-social implications all of which can interrupt/interfere with social skills, conduct and reintegration and, ultimately, success.

Strategies for neurobehaviourally-targeted intervention will be introduced including, environmental supports and metacognitive strategy training. These strategies can be used to address the complex behavioural issues that may arise after brain injury. 

In this course, topical discussions, case examples of neurobehavioural disorders, in addition to the overview of rehabilitative strategies that can assist with those challenges, will be covered to address the following:

  1. What are neurobehavioural impairments (e.g., self-regulation, social cognition)?
  2. How does brain injury result in neurobehavioural impairments (i.e., what is the neurocognitive-neurobehavioural connection)?
  3. What are the behavioural and psycho-social implications of these impairments?
  4. How can behavioural strategies (e.g., antecedent management, distress tolerance) help?
  5. How can metacognitive strategies be used?
  6. How does this differentially express as a function of injury severity (e.g., mTBI vs. more severe)?
  7. Opportunity to ask questions that may pertain to the neurobehavioural challenges of your clients.

Professors, Dr. Dawn Good and Dr. Carolyn Lemsky will be teaching the program by live video conference.

Event Contact:  Bronwyn Cooper   |  Call 905-641-8877 ext. 250   |   Email

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