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Brain Injury Speaks Releases Final Report on “The Impact of Identity Change After ABI on Mental Health”

In December of 2021, Brain Injury Speaks further explored the topic of Identity Change Following ABI by conducting virtual focus groups with individuals who have sustained brain injuries. The purpose of these groups was to investigate how the experience of identity change contributes to mental health outcomes and to examine participants’ personal experiences with mental health as individuals living with brain injury.

It is essential to recognize that post-injury challenges often extend beyond the physical and cognitive challenges of brain injury. Understanding the emotional impacts and the related consequences associated with brain injury are inherently important to treating injuries holistically. The prevalence of mental health issues among individuals living with acquired brain injury (ABI) is made clear, as rates of depression among those post-injury range from 33% to 59%, with 1% of individuals dying from suicide within 15 years post-injury.

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