Daniel Bax, Trauma Recovery Strategist

A Story Unlike Any Other

Thoughts equal actions, actions equal outcome and outcomes equal your destination in life. What are you thinking? This is my personal account of that day in 2005 when I made a decision that would impact more people than I ever thought possible.

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Matthew's Story

Matthew’s Story

The afternoon of June 8, 1995 would change our lives forever. A mother gets up in the morning and goes about her day, often not thinking about what could happen later on. I have a different perspective now and am grateful for every moment I have with my children and family. I will never take that for granted again.

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Journey Not Chosen

The Journey Not Chosen

As Brain Injury Awareness Month draws near, I’ve given much thought to the subject. Most of the general population has no concept of what “Brain Injury” really means.

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I promise

I Promise

“I promise for better or for worse, in sickness and in health”, these words kept running through my head as I stood by my husband’s ICU bed in St. Catharines General Hospital.

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Dancing with my Elephant

Dancing With My Elephant

Just over thirteen years ago an elephant arrived at our home. There was something very familiar about him, perhaps it was his gait or was it the occasional twinkle in his eyes that we recognized?

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Once Upon a Time, He Chose to Live

Every so often in life we are met with an individual who stands out above the rest, amazes us with their determination and inspires us with their grace. For me, Chris is one of those people. Although I have only known Chris for a fraction of the time that his family and friends have, I have been amazed and stricken by his ability to persevere. In my life there have been times where I have aggressively allowed myself to delve into my own personal pity party, the poor me version of this is NOT a wonderful life, then I met Chris.

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My Story

It was a typical summer work-day morning. My buddy and I were travelling to work on our motorcycles—not just any motorcycle—our Harley Davidson Sportsters.

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Sam Signer, A Story of Perserverance

A Story of Perseverance

In 2006 I wrote a story of my experiences (OBIA Review – After The Fall) concerning a serious head injury I sustained. Well, much has happened since then and I recently realized, during these reflective times, that I have been suppressing many of the details of the accident and the aftermath.

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Call Me Pollyanna

According to a study, written by Scott Patten of the University of Calgary and Heather Juby of the RDC Network, 1 in 50 Canadians are suffering from depression at any given time; for survivors of a Traumatic Brain Injury the risk of depression increases substantially. Both the College of Medicine in Houston, Texas and the University of Iowa have done studies outlining the problems associated with TBI.

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A brief escape from the isolation of brain injury

A brief escape from the isolation of brain injury

If you are like me one of the most heartbreaking aspects of brain injury is the isolation which is often the result of brain injury. We cannot do the things we used to do, we have problems dealing with those we love and we often find it difficult to navigate the world at large.

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