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OBIA’s Executive Director speaks at Ontario Brain Institute Symposium


Thank you to Ontario Brain Institute for sharing the video of the symposium:

An Awareness Campaign Against Domestic Violence & ABI

Domestic violence is a common cause of brain injury in women and yet remains a family or even societal secret.  A study which was conducted in the United States of women in domestic violence shelters found that 92% reported their partners hit them in the head more than once, up to 83% reported being both hit in the head and severely shaken and approximately 8% surveyed said they were hit in the head over 20 times in the past year (source Sojourner Center).  Unfortunately, for many survivors of domestic violence the injuries go unreported and they do not receive medical care; therefore, many do not even realize that they have sustained a concussion/brain injury.

The goal of the campaign is to increase awareness and education about brain injury related to domestic violence so that survivors will be able to receive appropriate treatment and support.



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