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In collaboration with Brock University, the Ontario Brain Injury Association is hosting an online training certificate program that provides tools and knowledge to assist children and youth with recovery and function in everyday life following an acquired brain injury or concussion. We believe this course would be extremely useful for students in an accredited post-secondary program or currently enrolled in a course specializing in Children and Youth, Rehabilitation, Education or any specialty involving Community Support and Wellbeing.

The program is offered fully online through Zoom over two days (November 25-26, 2022), making it easily accessible across the province and successful participants will earn 11.75 continuing education hours and a Brock University certificate. The Children and Youth with ABI/Concussion program is taught by Dr. Catherine Wiseman-Hakes, a registered Speech and Language Pathologist, McMaster University Professor, and Clinical Neuroscientist with the University Health Network KITE Research Institute.

The course focuses on children and youth with brain injury/concussion and the resulting challenges that affect their ability to manage at school, at home, and in the community. There will be an emphasis on describing the cognitive-communicative problems that affect their learning, behaviour, and community participation and the strategies we can use to assist their recovery and personal development.

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