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About Bayshore Therapy & Rehab, NRIO Residential and Clinic Services

Bayshore Residential Rehab offers residential programs for individuals who have sustained a moderate to severe brain injury and require 24-hour care supported by a multi-disciplinary and intensive rehabilitation program. We offer community-minded, progressive rehabilitation that produces real and lasting results. By providing an impeccable level of care and empowering our clients with tools, training, and opportunities, we’re able to enhance the quality of life for individuals with a brain injury.

Backed by a diverse staff of seasoned healthcare professionals, we customize treatment programs for every single person in each of our programs. By using resources within the community, we’re able to cultivate a sense of integration and direction that offers promise and hope to brain injury survivors. Each Residential facility and program offers various levels of specialized care, so that together, our network of services meets the needs of clients as they progress through their recovery.

Residential treatment options, supported living apartments, community programs, and youth programs are all available depending on the individual needs of the adults, youth, and children we serve. Our mission is to provide rehabilitative care that guides individuals into greater independence and an enhanced quality of life.

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  59 Beaver Bend Crescent
    Etobicoke, ON, M9B5R2

  (416) 231-4358 ext 37122

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